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Slideshow - make click here button larger

Can i make the link button (click here) on a slideshow element larger? I need for it to stand out more on the image.

Hello Shane,

Thank you for your request.

You can change the size of the button using Custom CSS:.

Please navigate to the Settings of the Slideshows element and open Custom CSS tab. Please insert this code:

.shortpoint-slideshow-style-title-first .shortpoint-slideshow-link {

Preview changes.
It will change the size of the text of your button, so it will automatically increase the size of hole box.

If you don't want to change the size of the text, you can change the size of the button borders, using this Custom CSS:

.shortpoint-slideshow-style-title-first .shortpoint-slideshow-link {

You can change values in the way you want to have
Here is the result.

Please let us know if it works for you.

Question: is there a way to change the text color of the link button on only one of the items in the slideshow? I want to make the "click here" text white on one slide but not on another.

Hi David,

It might be possible with custom CSS, we will check for such solution and let you know here.

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