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Known Issue: Horizontal Scrollbar not Shown for SharePoint OOTB List Web Part inside a ShortPoint Element

If you have  quite a wide SharePoint list with many columns, like this:

And you insert it into a ShortPoint element (let's say Section) which is shorter by width, you expect a horizontal scroll bar to appear.

Here is how it looks in Edit Mode:

Nevertheless, when you save the page and look at it in View Mode, the scrollbar is not there and the user only sees a part of the list without being able to scroll:

Doesn't look good, right?

The fix for this bug will be released very soon. In the meanwhile, let us show you a simple workaround that will bring back the missing scroll bar and make users happy again.

Here are the steps:

1) open the ShortPoint Dashboard (Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard)
2) choose ShortPoint Theme Builder
3) click Customize my Site
4) in the Theme Builder left-side panel, please navigate to Utilities > Custom CSS
5) paste the following code:

.shortpoint-force-sharepoint-responsive .ms-rte-wpbox:not([class*=shortpoint]) {
overflow-x: auto;

6) click Apply and Publish. Wait for the Theme Builder to finish publishing.
7) Reload the page you are working with. After reload, it should show the list web parts with a horizontal scrollbar.

Here is the result:

Looks much better now! 

Hope this temporary solution will be useful to you.

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