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ShortPoint Bug with list name connection

Hello, in a image carrousel, in "Connected" tab, i selected a specific list/library name for display content (for example: currentweeklist), later i renamed that list (new name: oldweeklist) and renamed another list with same name in Connection (new name: currentweeklist). BUT, in "Connected" tab now the list/library name now is "oldweeklist", that change is AUTOMATIC, it was not made by us, resulting in an alteration of our configuration without permission. 

We hope that problem can be solved as soon as possible.

best regards. 

then I changed the name of that list and

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Hello Hernan, 

Thank you for reporting your issue.

We would kindly ask you to specify your issue step by step, so we can understand it correctly. We will appreciate if you can add screenshots of that issue too.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Will be glad to assist you.

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