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Connector Missing in Table Element


I need to setup a table element that pulls it's data from a SharePoint list on a subsite. I can easily do this from the Connector tab on most other elements, but for some reason there is not a Connector tab on table and the source information at the bottom of the table's settings page only contains connections to lists that are within the same site. Can someone help me fix this?


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Dear Shane, 

As we have already discussed this after you submitted a ticket, the Connect feature in the Table element will be improved soon, and become available in full functionality in one of our future releases. Unfortunately, there is no workaround that would allow to use the Connector for retrieving data from other sites and presenting it with the Table design element.

As a temporary alternative, we suggest using other elements, such as, for example, lists.

The importance of the feature will be discussed in our upcoming planning meeting, and I we will do everything possible to introduce it as soon as the current workload will allow.

Best Regards,


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What's the status of this?

It's becoming an increasingly problematic bug.

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