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ShortPoint Add-In on Sub sites


I have the main site (the intranet homepage) and a number of subsites (departmental sites) e.g. and I have installed ShortPoint on the top level site and it appears to have installed ShortPoint on all subsites however one site is not showing the ShortPoint changes at all. Additionally, when I look at the ShortPoint version on each subsite where it looks like it has worked it shows as version when I have installed at the top level. Could you please explain what I have potentially done wrong?

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Hi Steve,


Thank you for your message.


You have to uninstall ShortPoint from all subsites, you do not need that. We recommend to add ShortPoint at the root of the site collection and enable site scope installation.

Please follow these instructions to successfully uninstall ShortPoint from all subsites:

Uninstall Step 1: ShortPoint Add-In Deactivation

Uninstall Step 2: Remove from Site Contents

Uninstall Step 3: Remove from Site Collection Recycle Bin

After you uninstall, go to the root site where you have the latest version installed, open ShortPoint Dashboard and click reinstallation and upgrade. 

Make sure the dashboard is showing these messages:

Thank you

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