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Problems with IE 11 - Modern Sites Freezing


I know there was an improvement 2 years ago to ShortPoint working better in IE11. I have been having numerous problems getting the modern sites I'm creating to work in IE11. 

We do not have a choice for using IE11 in our company due to other software that requires its use. We will recommend users try to use Firefox or Chrome if possible but many users have IE11 as their default browser.

Any suggestions as to how to make a site work better in IE11?

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for your request. Please review the following recommendations:

1) keep ShortPoint version up to date. Please install and use the latest version of the product at all times to make sure you are receiving all the important bug fixes and performance improvements;

2) check these two articles and complete the recommendations in them that apply to your environment:

Improving ShortPoint Performance on SharePoint & Office 365 

Further Tips to Improve SharePoint Page Performance 

3) if the performance is slow after these improvements, please leave a message here for me and we will organize a support meeting for you where our expert will check what causes slowness and how we can help further.

Thank you!

Kind regards,


Hello Oksana,

I have tried a few of these things but nothing has fixed the problem. The problem is strictly an IE11 problem - no other browser is affected. I will check the rest of the items in the "Page Performance" article that I haven't tried yet but I don't think these things will fix the problem.

I also have a ticket into your Support team for help.

Thank you.



Hi Stephanie,

My colleague Kyrylo who is working on your ticket will schedule a meeting for you with our front-rnd team so they can inspect the issue in your environment. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

He will update you shortly with a ticket response.

Kind Regards, 


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