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ShortPoint 6.7 is now available - Microsoft Teams and Power Apps Design Elements

We are thrilled to announce that we are releasing ShortPoint SPFx 6.7 for Office 365 & SharePoint 2019, if you have ShortPoint version or higher, you can upgrade by going straight to the ShortPoint Dashboard on your site collection, and click Upgrade and Re-install (as simple as that!), otherwise if you have a lower version than you have to Download and upgrade. 

Office 365 / SharePoint 2019

ShortPoint 6.7 – Microsoft Teams and Power Apps Design Elements Release

Major Update – Date: January, 29th, 2020


  • Microsoft Teams ShortPoint Design element
    A new Microsoft Teams ShortPoint Design element to view your / all organization teams, their channels, tabs, files, members, tasks and launch them in Teams desktop / web.
  • PowerApps ShortPoint Design element
    A new ShortPoint PowerApps Design Element will be available to help you easily embed PowerApps into your SharePoint Page.
  • New fonts & Typography options
    Adding extra Fonts & typography options for modern page elements in the ShortPoint Theme Builder


  • Connecting with Document Library will now show “File Name” and “Name” fields to be mapped instead of Name twice.
  • Connecting to currency column will now have separators and decimals in values
  • Fixed sometimes when navigating between SharePoint Modern Pages, some ShortPoint design elements may not be rendered
  • Fixed table links not working when connecting using other sites connection
  • Enabling video autoplay on Mobile Devices on both the Section and Row design elements
  • Enhance the performance of page builder in editing elements and navigating between settings tabs
  • Introduced colorful PDF icon in File Lists element
  • Introduced new color option for ShortPoint dividers
  • Table Design Element
    Starting with ShortPoint version 6.7.x.x, you will be able to select and order the columns you want to show, in addition to the previous features including columns titles, search, sorting, style etc.


  • Fixed ShortPoint connection to lists with empty user fields.
  • Fixed description placement for Tiles when centered option is set.
  • Fixed thumbnails not showing up for YouTube videos.
  • Fixed issue where the force top sections overlap the header on SharePoint 2016.
  • Fixed content not being full width when side bar is hidden on modern sites.


  • Visibility breaks ShortPoint webpart.
  • Added missing styles for Page buider.
  • Fixed issues faced with connection with list views having publishing images column.
  • Fixed columns are broken in Firefox.
  • Fixed full-screen sections are broken on Internet Explorer (on-premise 2019).
  • Fixed Save button not working in ShortPoint editor in Modern experience.
  • Fixed problem with Other Sites connection type which are connected to views with user columns.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a color for Info element makes it invisible.
  • Fixed the images inserted directly inside a column are taking full column width.
  • Fixed wrong header background color in preview mode.
  • Fixed theme builder page design for Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed cannot copy and paste the frame design element.
  • Fixed modern footer appearing in the middle of the page.
  • Fixed slideshow and image carousels not showing correctly in preview mode.
  • Fixed Slideshow and Image Carousels pagination bullets position on modern pages.
  • Fixed a problem with pages containing calendars not working on Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed element settings page is not opening in Internet Explorer.
  • Now you can connect with lists having ampersand (&) in name.
  • Connection to Upcoming Anniversaries will include anniversaries starting from the current day.
  • Fixed displaying incorrect ShortPoint version in ShortPoint editor.
  • Fixed frame element is not editable.
  • Fixed connection to Managed Metadata fields from subsites.
  • Fixed sometimes when navigating between SharePoint Modern Pages, some ShortPoint design elements may lose their styles.
  • Fixed Column margin affect width on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Fixed preview color changes not affecting Tiles and Icon elements.
  • Fixed button color sometimes not being applied.
  • Fixed hide menu option also hiding the hub menu.
  • Fixed floating header being transparent.
  • Fixed not being able to unhide elements when the Theme Builder is opened on Classic Pages.
  • Disabled negative items in Items limit for Current Site, Other Sites or SharePoint Site Url connections.
  • Fixed copy ribbon text style was broken.
  • Fixed Color transparency option not working when mapped to a column.
  • Fixed table recognizes selection as a column.
  • Fixed items limit not being applied when reset to 0 on People in SharePoint group connection.
  • Fixed changed Neutral Quaternary color not affecting elements on the page.
  • Fixed published Theme Builder colors not displaying in ShortPoint Generator.
  • Fixed no default color for Border Color option in Theme Builder.
  • Fixed no default color for Alternate Color 2 option in Theme Builder.
  • There will be no empty space for items in text shows where visibility is applied and current user is not able to see that item.


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