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Connected Elements broken/constantly loading after 6.6 Update

Ever since version 6.6 was released, many of our connected lists (file list, icon list, etc.) are now continually showing the spinning loading circle, but never loads the content of the list. When I edit the page, the element shows that it is connected to "Other Site Collection > Sub-Site > Library > View > # Items to show". Even if I disconnect and reconnect, the element connects without problem, yet nothing appears in the preview...except the square loading image.

just once, I was able to break the connection, save the page, then re-create the element and have the list show correctly...but that was one time and I haven't been able to make that happen again.

Looks like every single element that connects to a data source is broken now.


Hello Chris.

Thank you for your message and we are sorry for the inconveniences caused.

We will have one of our experts meet with you to check the issue shortly. 

Kind Regards,

Oksana Aloshyna

It appears now that ALL "File List" elements are broken. I've replicated the problem with a "File List" element connected to a root Documents library, as well as an "Other Site" connection document library.

I worked with Andrii to figure out what's going on and they're aware of a problem with the lists <> views; a fix will be released in the next patch (hopefully in the next week or so).

For now, the work around is to open your view, modify the view, and remove/hide the "Modified by" property.

Once I did that on the views I was trying to get the file list to connect to, it worked properly, the continuous loading icon went away, and the lists appeared on page like they're supposed to.

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