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ShortPoint SPFx v6.6 has been released

We are thrilled to announce that we are releasing ShortPoint SPFx 6.6 for Office 365 & SharePoint 2019, if you have ShortPoint version or higher, you can upgrade by going straight to the ShortPoint Dashboard on your site collection, and click Upgrade and Re-install (as simple as that!), otherwise if you have a lower version than you have to Download and upgrade.

Note that the same release is coming for On-SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016 in about a week from now, so stay tuned.

So what's in this release?

ShortPoint 6.6 – Improvements and Issues Fixes Release

Major Update – Date: November, 7th, 2019


  • New Web Service Connection Type
    A new connection type called Web Service has been added to enable connecting ShortPoint design elements with XML based Web Services with Anonymous, Basic, Key-based and advanced authentication
  • Connect ShortPoint to user’s Delve profile picture and link
    Now with any user field (from list or people search), you can connect ShortPoint to user’s Delve profile picture and link


  • Primary Buttons is now renamed into Primary Color in the Theme Builder
  • Fixed SP runtime being loaded when connected ShortPoints in page
  • Friendlier license activation error messages
  • Added (Hide Header, Hide Footer, Hide Network in Header, Custom Prompt Text & Dark Theme) options for the Yammer element
  • Adding “columns to show” feature into the Table element
  • Showing warning messages when using large or unknown images in the Page Builder/Theme Builder to prevent common performance issues
  • Theme Builder CSS files are loaded from script block
  • Dates in connected ShortPoint will now respect SharePoint site’s regional settings
  • Added link to open source licenses to dashboard pages
  • ShortPoint for SharePoint 2013 / 2016 setup will now support custom ports in DNS name
  • ShortPoint will now support column names starting with underscore


  • Fixed sorting in People in SharePoint Group connection
  • Fixed panel height calculation
  • Fixed not found api errors on SharePoint 2013/16
  • Fixed Communication site’s logo is duplicated when focus mode applied after republishing the page
  • Fixed multiple loading of linked custom CSS file
  • Fixed displaying all-day events in Events list
  • Fixed spacing issues caused by megamenu
  • Fixed focus mode not saving state between page reloads
  • Fixed scrollbars displaying when focus mode is on
  • Fixed New Window, Dialog and Lightbox options not working properly for Buttons
  • Fixed some images not being displayed if they had parenthesis in their file names
  • Fixed footer not being displayed on modern system pages
  • RSS feed connections works with deprecated TLS/SSL versions and supports feeds with content compression (gzip & deflate)
  • Fixed connected tabs inside toggles not being displayed
  • Fixed custom footer being inserted in the wrong location
  • Fixed image carousel white space and excessive height issues
  • In some cases when user was not able to insert links and images to Multiline RichText field when ShortPoint app is installed
  • Disabled image upload in content editor


  • Fixed ShortPoint connected to a view sorted by a column with name starting with underscore not loading
  • Fixed instagram element not working on Internet Explorer
  • Fixed calendar Webpart misplaced when visibility applied on section
  • Fixed issue with Countdown icons when inserted in Alert or Info elements
  • Fixed connected ShortPoints not loading date after switching site language
  • Fixed slider not being displayed when visibility settings are applied
  • Fixed footer not being loaded on subsite when the Theme Builder settings are inherited
  • Fixed SharePoint footer not showing when Theme Builder is open
  • Fixed ShortPoint icon appearing in tree view
  • Fixed two loading spinners are shown in the table element
  • Fixed linking option for image caption on modern pages
  • Fixed linking option for counter boxes on modern pages
  • Fixed linking options for tiles on modern pages
  • Fixed reset Theme Builder to default TryOnline sites settings
  • Fixed background contain option not applied to section
  • Fixed background image lose its custom size with new sections
  • Fixed repeated background image not working
  • Fixed blur effect is not working with sections
  • Fixed cannot change background image width/height
  • Fixed Boxed/Framed Layout not being displayed properly on Internet Explorer
  • Fixed padding make the background disappear
  • Fixed opening and modern theme builder not failing to open after failed first installation attempt on site level
  • Fixed events not display correct time
  • Fixed table style is not working
  • Fixed Theme Builder changes can now be published from a subsite inheriting customization from parent
  • Fixed document previews are not supposed to be displayed as images
  • Fixed document preview is link to actual document in preview mode
  • Fixed table cannot be connected to a list from another site
  • Fixed issue with countdown border radius
  • Fixed multi level menu causing extra space on the Internet Explorer
  • Fixed hover button style for dialog boxes
  • Fixed scrollbars displaying when focus mode is switched on and off
  • Fixed Page Builder not loading in sites with apostrophes in name
  • Fixed cannot connect to a list contains symbols in its title
  • Fixed tiles are misplaced
  • Fixed full width footer to work better with layouts
  • Fixed not being able to hide the home link if there is only item in the menu
  • Fix cannot open table link in light-box
  • Fixed ‘Customize My Site’ button is available when the sub site inherits parent’s settings
  • Fixed ribbon buttons not showing when first installing on site collection level and reinstalling targeting site level
  • Fixed clear cache icon not showing
  • Fixed upgrade button was broken inside ShortPoint Dashboard pages
  • Fixed generated ShortPoints being rendered twice in the Page Builder
  • Fixed issue with Primary color not updating
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