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ShortPoint RSS Feed Connections stopped working

Recently RSS Feeds connection type in ShortPoint stopped working, and that's mainly because we are relying on third party APIs which was shut down a few days ago.

As a result, all existing RSS connections will no longer work, also the user will not be able to create any new RSS connections as well.


Important: before proceeding with the workaround, make sure you have the latest version of ShortPoint, as this fix requires features that are not available in older versions of the product.

Luckily there's a workaround with the help of REST API connections and rss2json service, so let's start:

Step 1: Sign up for an account at RSS2JSON website

Once you are done with the sign up, log into your account at Rss2Json

Step 2: Convert your Broken RSS Connection URL into REST API

Copy the link of the broken RSS Connection you have in ShortPoint

And paste it into the text field that says "Enter the URL to your RSS feed" you find in the RSS2JSON website

Step 3: Copy the New RSS URL

Now from the same RSS2JSON website page, Copy the colored URL you will find right below the "Convert to JSON" button

Step 4: Paste the New URL into REST API Connection

Now get back to your ShortPoint element, and switch the connection type into REST API, and paste the new URL you have copied into the REST API URL field

Step 5: Map the Correct Data

We still have one more step to do, as ShortPoint will not quite understand the data returned from the Rss2Json API, we need to tell ShortPoint which object exactly it should read from the REST API, 

So on the same connect tab, do the following:

  1. Toggle the Enable Advanced Settings checkbox (if you can't see this checkbox, you need to upgrade ShortPoint)
  2. Put inside the Map Results function the following code

  return data.items;

Click Connect, and save the page, RSS Connections is working again now!

Future Fix

We're already planning to bring this feature back into ShortPoint ASAP without relying on any third party service that might fail us, follow this topic to be notified whenever we release the RSS connections back.

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The RSS Feed Connection is fixed in ShortPoint 6.3.x.xx version and later.

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