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ShortPoint for SharePoint On-Premise is now Available

ShortPoint for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 On-Premise

Minor Update – Date: Sep, 21st, 2018


  • Renew code signing certificate for farm solutions only
  • Prepare for SPFx release
  • Now users will not see a message about new ShortPoint version available or licensing issue in edit mode. The message only appears inside ShortPoint components like Theme Builder, Page Builder, Dashboard


  • Fixed: Preloader sometimes fading out while hide ribbon feature did not fully complete its animation
  • Fixed: SharePoint 2016 ribbon was not fully responsive on extra small screens, if the user was logged in
  • Fixed: Generator page didn’t allow editing of generated ShortPoints
  • Fixed issues with reading Workflow Tasks List in ShortPoint Connect
  • Fixed: On rare cases based on the content of the ShortPoint element, editing the element was not possible and might fail
  • Fixed: Sharepoint table sometimes breaking in Shortpoint row
  • Fixed an issue with multiple nested elements with delayed rendering, like accordions or tabs
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