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ShortPoint 5.4 has been released

ShortPoint 5.4 has been released. Download and Upgrade Now.

Major Update – Date: 25th, May 2018


Power BI Integration

We are happy to announce that now you can use ShortPoint to Add Power BI Data into SharePoint

Add Reports, Dashboards, and Tiles to SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise with Power BI Embedded and Logged in user rights option.


  • Preloader will not wait more than 5 seconds to load the page.
  • Popovers can now be easily closed without having to click on the original text.
  • Performance improvement: Connected data will only load when the tab\accordion item gets opened.
  • Youtube component now supports multiple URL formats.


  • Fix slideshow images not showing on the page in Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Fixed issue with the broken content of Script Editor web part in some specific cases.
  • Fixed page becoming inaccessible when you attempt to open a dialog in edit mode.
  • “Member of” connection will not accept the distribution list having ampersand.
  • Fixed issue with People Search Anniversaries not returning all results.
  • Fixed issue with ShortPoint code appearing when connected to an empty list.
  • Document library shows weird large images, when it was added inside frame element show images not showing on the page in Internet Explorer.
  • Webparts are not working inside ShortPoint elements.
  • Embedding a Yammer feed does not work properly inside ShortPoint elements.
  • In rare cases, managed metadata navigation can cause extra space at bottom of the pages on Internet Explorer browser.
  • When ShortPoint was connected with People in Group and pass more than 1 group, it doesn’t show all users.
  • Fixed bug with events not always opening in a Dialog when they should.
  • Page scroll behavior was heavy ( not smooth ) on iOS 11+ devices.
  • Sometimes 3rd level menu items in Managed metadata navigation appears in a too narrow container.
  • In SharePoint On-Premise, now all the crawled user results will be returned while using “All People” connect.
  • Background images did not appear on Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Fixed youtube elements overflowing page’s width.
  • Fixed issue with Visibility groups get duplicated and breaking the feature.

#SAP Cloud Portal

  • Asset Picker – Easily pick any image from the site asset management library

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Accordions appear to only display contents from 1st accordion. Ticket has been logged with support, but posting here in case others experience the same issue and go crazy trying to figure out why it's behaving this way.

The issue has been released. Thank you for your cooperation :)

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