IMPORTANT: ShortPoint has been released

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Date: 13th, February 2018


  • Footer help links in generator/theme builder now points to the whole footer folder on our knowledge base, and not on a single article

  • Preloader will no longer appear on the screen for more than 2.5 sec

  • Performance improvements. Edit and save the page again, ShortPoint will clear out all bad-hidden characters.


  • Publishing pages spellcheck sometimes caused the loss of non-English links.

  • Fixed conflict between ShortPoint Site Collection feature and ShortPoint Site feature.

  • Fixed support of expand\collapse feature of web parts inside ShortPoints.

  • Fixed issue with Lazy sections rendering conflicting with footer.

  • On rare cases, mobile menu used to be activated even though top navigation did not contain much items.

  • Copy tabs from demos website was not working.

  • Fixed usage of Generated ShortPoints with connections on subsites. Footer with dynamic content will work on all sites and sub sites.

  • Publishing fields were lost on page save, if page contained ShortPoint elements.

  • Sometimes tiles did not fit into their container on Internet Explorer browser.

  • Fixed issue when user clicks Publish he can see customization, but after page refresh, all customizations are gone.


  • Users not assigned to ShortPoint license can check out branding tool but can’t publish.

  • Now ShortPoint can be activated on the Site Collection scope on On-Premise environments.

  • Footer: Now you can create a Footer from Generator Page, and apply it to the whole site from Theme Builder.

  • New Site and Pages Elements Control in Theme Builder

  • New Connection Types Filters: People Search – Upcoming Birthdays, Birthday Today, Anniversaries and much more


  • Improving tabs rendering on mobile devices.

  • Now you can download the ShortPoint product without submitting a form. The form is required only for requesting a Free Trial.

  • Developers can use ShortPoint API to replace dynamic content on the page.

  • Improved Events ShortPoint User Experience.

  • Now any list type connected to Table ShortPoint will have a clickable title.

  • Now you can specify items limit for SharePoint List connection.

  • Publishing Image can be used by Connect Feature.

  • Additional Performance Improvements to ShortPoint Engine

New Elements Changes:

  • Important: ( Breaking Change ) If you had any change applied to ( Page Elements or Homepage Elements ), next time you open ShortPoint Theme Builder, make sure to go to ( General Settings > Elements > All Sites ) and re-enable your desired elements again.

  • Page Elements and Homepage elements are moved under Elements category.

  • Page Elements are now called “Root Site”, and will no longer affect subsite pages ( there’s a special category for called “Subsites” ).

  • Homepage elements are now called “Homepage” and will only affect root site homepage ( subsites homepages are no longer affected, there’s a special category for them called “Subsites Home Page” ).

  • Enabling an element (e.g: Hide Ribbon ) in “All Sites” will enable the element in all other categories ( Root Site, Sub Sites, Home Page, Subsites Home Page, System Pages & Mobile Elements ), optionally you can go to any of these categories and disable the desired element for your flexibility.

  • Enabling an element in “Root Site” will enable the same element in “Home Page”, in which you can optionally disable it.

  • Enabling an element in “Sub Sites” will enable the same element in “Subsites Home Page”, in which you can optionally disable it.


  • ShortPoint framework Upgrade did not work if any Dashboard page settings changed.

  • Sometimes upgrade button will appear inside Upgrade page in ShortPoint Dashboard, even if the user did not upload the latest package to App Catalog.

  • Preloader image sometimes blinks.

  • In some cases sections with full-screen option did not render correctly on FireFox browser .if the section had some visibility settings applied.

  • Heading styles was not shown inside ShortPoint Page Builder Editor.

  • All Colors defined in Theme Builder Color palette, are now available in Page Builder editor.

  • Sometimes on Internet Explorer browser if the user scrolls while the page is not yet fully loaded,  part of the page won’t get rendered.

  • Tab content might go out of tabs border on small screens if tab height was specified.

  • Demo link in page builder color gets changed when clicked.

  • Demo link in page builder color is not pure white.

  • Sometimes slideshows occupied more height in Page Builder preview.

  • In rare cases, in generator page, pasted content might break the Shortpoint elements.

  • Hide ribbon is now disabled inside lightbox dialog.

  • Some out of the box web parts were not working when ShortPoint is activated.

  • In rare cases, selecting some text from Page Builder title, and pasting it inside might break the page builder.

  • Paste sometimes did not work.

  • Could not check the page without saving.

  • Upgrade to beta checkbox was misplaced in dashboard upgrade page.

  • Fixed copying of ShortPoints from Demo site.

  • Sometimes default style of tiles got stuck on mouse over.

  • Sometimes tile shape square was not an actual square.

  • Fixed dynamic values used in href and src attributes on Generated ShortPoint template.

  • Fixed Item Limit saving for RSS and REST connections.

  • Fixed View Item URL for External Content Type connection.

  • Nested structure in REST query result is now Plainfield and can be used by connected ShortPoints.

  • Publishing Image can be used by Connect Feature.

  • Typography settings were broken on managed metadata submenu item.

  • The section force top option is no longer copied from our demos website.

  • Copy tabs from demos website were not working.

  • Reset to site default in theme builder was broken.

  • Fixed Item Limit saving for RSS and REST connections.

  • ShortPoint upgrade is enabled when the license has expired.

  • Fixed performance issue with specific content.

  • Fixed: sometimes Generated parts were not showing on a subsite on Foundation.

  • Fixed dynamic values used in href and src attributes on Generated ShortPoint template.Developers can use ShortPoint API to rep

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