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Known Issue: Image Carousel Items Get Cut in Live Mode Preview When Width Is Changed

This article will help you resolve the issue with the Image Carousel Design Element Live Mode Preview whenever the width is resized.


When you open the Settings Window of the Image Carousel Design Element and try to resize its width, it shows a cut preview of the last item in the Image Carousel:

issue in resizing width

However, when you try to Save the SharePoint page, you will see that your changes were applied. This means that the error only occurs in the Live Mode Preview:

Saved Design Element


Our developers have resolved this issue in ShortPoint SPFx version and higher. As a result, if you are currently using a lower ShortPoint SPFx version, you simply need to upgrade to the latest version to resolve the problem. To upgrade, click the [1] ShortPoint logo and select [2] Dashboard:

ShortPoint logo and Dashboard

Click Upgrade:


A pop-up window will appear. Click Continue:


Then, select Upgrade Now to change to the latest version:

Upgrade Now

NOTEIf you wish to automatically upgrade to the latest ShortPoint version every time there is a new release, toggle on Auto Upgrade. You can also check out ShortPoint SPFx Auto Upgrade Feature to learn more about it.

Auto Upgrade

After upgrading, you should now be able to resize the width of the Image Carousel without the last item being cut off in the Live Mode preview.

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