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How to Customize Your SharePoint Site’s Header

SharePoint allows users to customize the header of their SharePoint sites. This article will demonstrate how users can easily accomplish this using SharePoint’s built-in options.

SharePoint header


Interactive Tutorial

Start the interactive tutorial to learn how to change your SharePoint site’s header:

PRO DESIGN TIP: If you're looking for more customizable options for your SharePoint headers, ShortPoint Theme Builder is the tool you’re looking for! It allows you to tweak specific parts of the header including the logo, the command bar, the paddings, and many more. See how it works in the ShortPoint Theme Builder: Header Interactive Experience.

NOTE: Proceed to the Step-by-step Tutorial if you want to see a detailed description of the OOTB options you can customize.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Follow the step-by-step below for a detailed guide on how to customize your SharePoint site Header:

Step 1: Open Theme Settings

  • Go to the SharePoint page where you want to modify the header and click the cogwheel icon.

Cogwheel icon

  • Select Change the Look.
  • Click Header.

Step 2: Select Layout 

  • Select the Layout you want to use. You can choose from:

a. Minimal

reduces the height of the header and presents all its components in a single line.

Minimal layout
b. Compact

the default layout of your page. It has a higher height than that of the minimal layout, but still presents all its components in a single line.

Compact layout

c. Standard

the components of the header are split into two lines—one with the Site Title and the other with the site navigation.

Standard Layout
d. Extended

the largest layout with components divided into two: the site logo & title and the site navigation.

Extended layout

NOTE: The Extended layout allows you to add a background image to your header. This is the only layout that will allow you to do so.

Step 3: Customize the Background

  • Select the Theme you prefer. You can choose to:

a. Keep it at default;

default theme
b. Add a gray background;

gray theme

c. Remove the gray line after the subsite menu;

remove gray line

d. Or add your site’s main background color.

add color

  • (Optional) If you chose Extended as the layout earlier, you can click Upload to add a background image.

Step 4: Modify the Display Options

  • (Optional) Toggle off the Site title visibility if you want to hide the Site Title from the header.
  • Click Change to upload a Site logo Thumbnail.
  • Click Change to upload a Site logo.
  • (Optional) If you chose Extended as the layout earlier, you can choose the Logo alignment you prefer. You can align the logo:

a. Left;

left alignment
b. Center;

Center alignment
c. Or Right.

Right alignment

Step 5: Save

  • Once you are satisfied with your edits, click Save.
  • Then, click the cross icon to exit the Settings panel.

cross icon

Looking for More Customization for your Header?

If you need more ways to customize the elements on your header, ShortPoint Theme Builder can help you! ShortPoint Theme Builder provides powerful customizable options that can modify the look of your logo, header background, command bar, and so much more in real time. 

It even gives you the ability to hide components of your header, giving way for a cleaner and much more professional-looking page. If you want to learn more about Theme Builder and its amazing functions, check out our course about it in ShortPoint Academy.

Check out the interactive tutorial below to see for yourself the benefits of having ShortPoint Theme Builder on your SharePoint page:

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