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Known Limitation: Office 365 Group Usage Limitations in ShortPoint Visibility Settings


When setting up ShortPoint Visibility to hide a Design Element for an Office 365 group that is part of a SharePoint Security Group, it hides the element for all members of the SharePoint Security Group.


SharePoint API doesn't have the possibility to check if a user is a member of Office 365 group which is a part of SharePoint Security group. The only way to identify this is to restrict the group visibility to only members who can see the members of the group, and then check if a logged in user could see those group members.

However, this restriction is not applied to the Group owners, Site Collection admins, and Global Administrators: even if such user is not added to the restriction exception, they would still be able to see the group members.

When the visibility is set as Do not show for a certain group, ShortPoint checks if a user could see the members of the group:

  • If the answer is "Yes", the ShortPoint Design Element will be hidden for that user
  • If the answer is "No", the ShortPoint Design Element will be displayed for that user

If a user is not a member of the group, but is either this group owner, a Site Collection admin or a Global Administrator, the answer to the question above is "Yes", hence the Design Element will be hidden.

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