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Known Limitation: Unable to Add A Row Inside Content-Holder Design Elements in ShortPoint Live Mode

The Section/Row/Column is the building block structure of ShortPoint. It is the basic principle implemented in the latest public release to define what layouts are supported when building or migrating an intranet page.

This means that adding a Row inside Design Elements is no longer supported. More importantly, you will be unable to add Rows inside content-holder Design Elements such as Panels, Tabs, Accordions, etc.

If you had ShortPoint SPFx versions 7 or below, you could add a Row inside content-holder Design Elements. In the latest ShortPoint SPFx public version 8 or above, this is a known limitation as it is an unsupported layout and can cause issues when migrating your page.

Check out our article on Unsupported Layout: Inserting Rows Inside Content-Holder Design Elements is Not Supported in ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode and Grid Mode to know more.

Let us provide you with two ways to work around this limitation and produce this result:

workaround to adding rows inside content-holders



  • You have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint environment
  • You are a ShortPoint Designer with an active license
  • You have a content-holder Design Element that you want to divide into two or more columns, or;
  • You are migrating a page that has a content-holder Design Element with Rows within them and wish to resolve the unsupported layout

Use the Table Option in the Text Design Element

You can use the Table option that is available in the Text Design Element to create rows and columns for your content.

Interactive Tutorial

Click Get Started to go through an interactive tutorial on how to use the Table option in the Text Design Element.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Edit Content-Holder Design Element

  • Edit your page
  • Select the ShortPoint web part and press the pencil icon
  • Click the EasyPass tag of the content-holder Design Element you want to edit
  • Select the cogwheel icon to open Design Element settings

Step 2: Insert a Table

  • Go to the Content tab
  • Delete the default content
  • Expand the text editor options
  • Insert a Table and choose the number of rows and columns you want to use

Step 3: Insert Content

  • Add your content to each Table column
  • Do the same for other items in your content-holder Design Element

Step 4: Apply and save changes

  • Click the green checkmark button
  • Remember to save all your changes

You should now have a properly divided content within your content-holder Design Element.

Use a Generated Design Element

ShortPoint Generator allows you to build a custom Design Element. They can be inserted into a content-holder Design Element in Grid Mode.

Interactive Tutorial

Go through this interactive tutorial to learn how to create a generated Design Element to have the proper layout for your content-holder Design Elements.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Here are the steps you can follow to create the generated Design Element:

Step 1: Launch ShortPoint Generator

  • Go to SharePoint Settings and open Site Contents
  • Select ShortPoint Dashboard
  • Click the Generator tile to launch ShortPoint Generator

Step 2: Create a custom Design Element

  • Enter custom Design Element name
  • Select Element from the Type field
  • In the Content section, start building your custom element by choosing a Row layout
  • Insert the Design Elements you want to use, edit their content, and modify their settings as needed
  • Once complete, scroll down and click Save Changes

Your generated Design Element will now be added to the list of Elements in the ShortPoint Generator window and will appear in the Page Builder options.

Step 3: Insert generated Design Element

  • Go to the SharePoint page where you want to use the generated Design Element and edit the page
  • Press the ShortPoint web part tag and click the pencil icon
  • In the Action Toolbar, hit Switch to Grid Mode
  • Navigate to the content-holder Design Element
  • Click the Add Design Element plus button
  • Scroll down and select the generated Design Element
  • Hit Update and preview the result

Step 4: Save changes and republish

  • Once you are satisfied with the result, hit Save
  • Republish your page

Note: Generated Design Elements are edited in ShortPoint Generator. To make its content editable on the page, follow the steps in our article on How to Make Generated Element Content Editable.

That is it! You now know different ways to work around the unsupported layout limitation within content-holder Design Elements.

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