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Known Issue: Focus Mode Button Is Not Visible

If you recently switched your version from 7.8.X.XX to 8.1.0.XXXand you are experiencing an issue with ShortPoint Focus Mode where the arrow button is not available on your SharePoint page and/or system pages:

before upgradingafter upgrading

Then, this article is for you.


The occurrence of this issue in Focus Mode is attributed to recent enhancements made to its functionality. This is a known issue when updating your ShortPoint version from 7.8.X.XX to Live Mode version 8.1.0.XXX.


To resolve this issue, you must republish your Theme Builder settings.

Important: Please check this article that shows you a step-by-step instruction how to republish your Theme Builder settings: How to Republish the Theme Builder Settings.

Note: If you currently do not have an option to go to Site Contents due to the menus being hidden in the page, you can append this to your page URL:



Example for site collections:

yourtenant should be replaced with the name of your tenant.
sitecollection should be replaced with the name of your site collection.

This link should redirect you to your Site Contents.

If you are still experiencing issues with the Focus Mode, please contact ShortPoint Support.

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