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How to Disconnect Shortpoint Graph Integration from SharePoint Site

If you have already performed the steps How to Remove Microsoft Graph Integration From Azure Portal but you are still seeing that the ShortPoint Graph integration is still connected, then this article is for you.





Before we begin

This solution is for you if:

Step 1. Open ShortPoint hidden library

Obtain the URL of your tenant/site collection where you want to disconnect ShortPoint Graph Integration and append the name of the hidden library. For example: - Branding Settings

Where: is the URL of your tenant (root site).

sitecollection is the name of your site collection.

/lists/SHORTPOINT - Branding Settings is the path that you will add that would take you to the hidden library.

This is how it should look like when you navigate to the page:

hidden library page

Note: If your Graph integration was established from the root site of your SharePoint tenant, then you can use this format to navigate to the hidden library: - Branding Settings 

Where: is the root site of your tenant.
/lists/ - Branding Settings is the path to the hidden library.

Step 2. Select IntegrationSettings

On the ShortPoint Branding Settings page, scroll down and look for the IntegrationSettings:

Integration settings

Step 3. Delete IntegrationSettings

(1) Select IntegrationSettings, and (2) click the ellipsis button. 

Then, (3) click the Delete button.

Delete Integration settings

A pop-up will show. Click the Delete button to proceed removing the IntegrationSettings:

Click Delete to proceed

Important: Make sure that you will not delete any other item in the hidden library as it may have an impact to your site. Carefully select IntegrationSetings and delete it from the list.

Step 4. Check Graph Integration

Go back to your ShortPoint Dashboard, and click the Integration settings tile:

Go to Integration Tile


That's it! You should now see that ShortPoint Graph Integration has been completely removed from the Dashboard. 

Graph is now disconnected

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