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How to Remove Microsoft Graph Integration From Azure Portal

In providing permissions via Microsoft Graph integration, ShortPoint is added as a recognized enterprise application in your tenancy’s Azure portal. When you no longer require this integration in your SharePoint On-Premise/Online pages or Teams tabs, you will need to take additional steps to remove it.

Note: Simply pressing the Disconnect button in ShortPoint Integrations does not fully remove the integration with Microsoft Graph.

Take the steps below to remove Microsoft Graph integration:



  • You used connections in ShortPoint design elements that required Microsoft Graph integration
  • You have Azure Active Directory Administrator access

Step 1: Sign in to your Azure portal

Access and enter your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Enterprise applications in Azure Active Directory

Select Azure Active Directory from the Azure Services menu.

Go to Enterprise Applications on the left Manage panel. This will open your list of recognized applications.

Step 3: Select and delete ShortPoint application

Open ShortPoint from the list of applications, go to Properties from the Manage options and click Delete

You have now successfully removed ShortPoint’s access to your tenancy’s Office 365 applications.

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