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How to Open Linked SharePoint Events in Modern View

Connected Events Design Element allows you to add a clickable link that leads to a single event page. By default, the event page will be displayed in Classic View because the Events list itself is a classic app.

Classic Events page

This article will demonstrate how you can display the event page in Modern View instead of the default classic view.

Events Page Modern View


Before you begin

  • You must have the latest public version of ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint environment
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license

Step-by-step Tutorial

Follow the steps below to learn how to display the Event page in Modern View:

NOTE: Before proceeding, make sure that you have already created an Events list on your SharePoint site.

STEP 1: Insert the Events Design Element

Watch the video below to learn how to insert a Design Element in Grid Mode.

NOTE: Check out How to Insert a Design Element in Grid Mode for more details on inserting Design Elements.

STEP 2: Connect to Events List

Go to the Connect tab (1) and choose the connection type (2) you prefer. 

For this guide, we will be using the Current Site connection type.

Connect and connection type

Select the name of your list from the List/ Library drop-down.

List / Library drop-down

Select the View you prefer. 

View drop-down

Click Connect

Connect button

STEP 3: Map Items to Display

On the Items tab, map the items you want to display. 

For this guide, we wanted to display the title, start date, and end date. 

Map items

NOTE: To learn more about mapping items using ShortPoint Connect, check out ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

Copy the line of code below:


Then, scroll down until you see the Link field and paste the code.

Link field

Replace {siteUrl} with your site’s URL.

change {siteurl}

Replace {calendarListId} with your calendar ListID.

Change {calendarListID}

NOTE: Check out our support article on How to find a SharePoint ListID to learn how to get your calendar ListID.

STEP 4: Insert and Save

Once satisfied, click Insert.

Insert button

Click Save

Save button

That’s it! You will now be able to see the individual Events page in Modern View. 

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