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Who Is a ShortPoint Designer?

A ShortPoint Designer is a user whose account has been assigned a license to design intranet pages using ShortPoint. This license allows them to insert and edit page content using all the tools and features that come with the software solution. 

Here is a table that shows who the identified ShortPoint Designer(s) are based on the type of license they are subscribed to.

TypeIdentified ShortPoint Designer(s)
15-day Trial

All individuals who have permission to edit the SharePoint site

Within this period, every person who has edit permissions can use all ShortPoint features to design a page.

This is an opportunity for everyone who is part of the design or project team to test and evaluate the product within the 15-day trial period.


An individual account that is assigned a license

An organization can purchase individual or multiple user licenses that they can assign to members of their design or project team. In this scenario, only the individuals given a license can use ShortPoint and all its features.

Initially, the account used to install the application will be assigned as a ShortPoint Designer by default. This can be reassigned after activation and can be changed once every year after that. Reassignment can be requested at in special cases such as employee resignation or transfer.

Note: Shared and admin accounts cannot be assigned an individual license as a ShortPoint Designer.

Please refer to our support article on how to Activate ShortPoint SPFx License and Assign ShortPoint Designers to learn more.

Assign ShortPoint Designer

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