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How to Customize the Button Design Element in Grid Mode

This support article will discuss how to insert and customize the Button Design Element in Grid Mode. Follow the steps below to get started.

Button design element template



Step-by-step Tutorial

Follow the steps below to learn how to customize the Button Design Element:

Step 1: Insert the Button Design Element

Watch the video below to learn how to insert the Button Design Element using Grid Mode. 

NOTE: Check out ShortPoint Basics: How to Insert a ShortPoint Design Element in Grid Mode for more details.

Step 2: Customize your Panel

Add a Title.


(Optional) Add a Subtitle.


Add the Link (the actual link address with http:// or https://) where you want to redirect your viewers. 


(Optional) Customize the other features of your Button Design Element including the Linking option, Color, Text Color, Icon, and Size

NOTE: Get more details about these features in the Button Features section.

Other Design options

Step 3: Insert and Save

Once done, click Preview (1) to see how your button will look on your page. Then, click Insert (2).

Preview and insert button

Click the Preview icon (1) to see how your element will look on your page. Then, click Save (2).

Preview and save

Then, click Republish.

Republish button

Button Features

There are many ways to customize the features of the Button Design Element. In the settings window, you will find the following tabs:

A. Design Tab

You can modify the default design of the element in the Design Tab. Below are the settings you can configure:

Design tab

TitleTitlemodifies the name of the button.
SubtitleSubtitlemodifies the text that will appear below the main title.
LinkLinkspecifies the link address you want the button to redirect to.
Linking OptionLinking optionsallows you to choose how to open your link including:
  • Default (will open the link on the same window), 
  • LightBox (will open the link on a lightbox), 
  • New Window (will open the link on a new window), and 
  • Dialog (will open the link on a dialog window).
ColorColorallows you to choose the color of your button.
Text ColorText Colorallows you to choose the color of the text inside the button.
Icon Iconspecifies the icon beside the title. Check out the ShortPoint Icons page to see all available icons.
SizeSizemodifies the size of the button. You can choose one of the following sizes: xsmall, small, or large.
WideWidethe button width will fit the whole area width.
DisabledDisabledallows you to disable the button.

B. Connect Tab

The Connect tab allows you to connect the Button Design Element to another list in your site collection or to other pages outside of SharePoint.

NOTE: Check out our articles about the Connect feature to learn more. 

Connect tab

C. Visibility Tab

The Visibility Tab allows you to configure who can view the Design Element and what types of devices can be used to access it. 

NOTE: Check out Managing Visibility of ShortPoint Design Elements to learn more about the Visibility feature. 

Visibility tab

D. Custom CSS Tab

This tab allows you to use your own CSS, HTML, and Javascript code to customize the Button Design Element. 

NOTE: Check out our support article on How to Insert Custom CSS into a Page Builder Element? (Basic Tutorial) to know more about Custom CSS.

Custom CSS tab

Congratulations! You can now customize your Button Design Element. Enjoy exploring different design combinations as you create your SharePoint Pages.

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