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Known Limitation: Content Does Not Load When Lightbox and Dialog Linking Options Are Selected

Users are provided access or diverted to view useful content through links when you set up ShortPoint Design Elements. These links can be opened and their contents can be displayed in a variety of ways, however, there is a known limitation when using either a Lightbox or a Dialog linking option. We discuss that in this article.


When using Lightbox or Dialog Linking Options to display content, users who click the links will encounter an error like the example below. This does not happen when the other linking options are selected (i.e. default, new window).

lightbox error


The Lightbox and Dialog linking options essentially embed content within an iFrame, an element that loads another page within it. Some content sources disable or restrict their content to be displayed within iFrames due to security reasons. With this restriction, it is a known limitation and we will not be able to use Lightbox or Dialog linking options to display their content.


Although they may not have the same convenience as a Lightbox or Dialog, you can use the Default linking option which opens content within the same page, or the New Window option. Both of these options will be able to load the content for your links.

Note: We added a notification with regard to this limitation in the latest ShortPoint with Live Mode release.
limitation notification

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