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Known Limitation: Hub Menu Items Are Cut-off When Adding Horizontal Spacing

The Menu options in ShortPoint Theme Builder allow you to customize how SharePoint menus are displayed on your intranet sites. We are identifying a known limitation for Hub Menu modification in this article.


When a Hub Menu has multiple items and you customize their left or right margins or paddings, the links to the far right get cut off.

Here is an example:

hub menu cut off

Note: In SharePoint Office 365, the issue appears to be present when the page loads but disappears after scrolling down and up. In SharePoint 2019, the Hub Menu remains cut off.

You may also encounter menu items overlapping at the far left of the Hub Menu.

Here is an example:

overlapping hub menu


This is a known limitation: Menu item behaviors are carried out by SharePoint. In this case, in Hub Menus, automatic wrapping of contents is not supported when you customize the horizontal spacing of your menu items.


When creating Hub Menus for your SharePoint sites, we recommend that you apply customization in horizontal spacing sparingly when you have a large number of items in the menu.

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