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What Is "Scripting Capabilities" and Why Is It Required for Using ShortPoint on Classic Pages?

If you plan to use ShortPoint to design Classic Pages in SharePoint, you will need to enable Scripting Capabilities. In this support article, we will respond to two frequently asked questions about this requirement.

What is “Scripting Capabilities”?

Scripting Capabilities refers to the use of custom scripts to change specific aspects of SharePoint sites and pages. This includes elements such as page design and layout, web part functionalities, how content is displayed, and more. Custom code can be written in CSS, HTML, or JavaScript and applied to produce modern and engaging sites and pages that cannot be produced by using out-of-the-box SharePoint solutions.

Why is it required for ShortPoint on Classic Pages?

By default, custom scripts are allowed on Modern sites and pages in SharePoint. However, they are blocked from running on Classic team sites and pages. As a solution that extends out-of-the-box functionality while providing more user-defined customizations, ShortPoint relies on applying innovative custom scripting on your sites and pages to help achieve stunning intranet sites.

Enabling Scripting Capabilities is, therefore, required because it allows ShortPoint to provide you with the best design experience for Classic pages.

NOTEStarting March 2024, Microsoft will remove the ability to enable scripting capabilities in the SharePoint admin center. 

Custom Script in Admin Center

However, users can still enable this option through PowerShell.

Note: If you plan to use ShortPoint only for Modern sites and pages, enabling Scripting Capabilities is not required

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