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Installation Prerequisite 1: Submit a Trial Request to ShortPoint for Office 365

If you want to try ShortPoint on your Office 365 (SharePoint Online) environment, start by submitting a trial request. Follow the guide below to learn how to do it.


Before we begin

  • This article is for the Office 365 (SharePoint Online) environment.
  • Make sure you have the URL of your SharePoint tenant ready. This is needed to accomplish the trial request form.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. To access our trial page, go to and select Download at the top right corner.

Download button

2. Scroll down and choose Office 365.

Office 365

3. Click Download ShortPoint SPFx for Office 365.

Download button

4. Select if you are a new or existing customer.  For the purpose of this tutorial, we will select New Customer.

New customer or old customer selection

3. Fill in the trial request form. 

trial request form

4. From the Environment drop-down, select Office 365.

environment dropdown

5. Indicate the URL of your SharePoint tenant.

tenant url

6. Let us know if you are interested in Professional Services or Accessibility for your intranet. Then, click Next.

prof serve or accessibility selection

7. Every new trial comes with a 60-minute walkthrough demo session with one of our experts.
If you would like to have it, select a date. Otherwise, you can click Schedule Later. 

Date selection

Select your preferred time. 

Time selection

After selecting the date and time of the walkthrough, click Confirm.

Confirm button

You can also indicate the emails of your colleagues to invite them to the walkthrough, as well as leave comments if you have any special requests. Then, click Schedule Event.

Schedule Event button

8. You will arrive at the Success Page and get your personal link to download the product. 

Download button

At this point, you can proceed to Installation Prerequisite 2: Download and Extract the ShortPoint Installation File

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