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How to Change the Title/Subtitle Font Size of the Button Design Element

By default, the ShortPoint Button Design Element will give you an option to display a title/subtitle. However, you may notice that in the Settings tab of the Button Design Element, you only have the option to change the size of the button not the actual text inside it. 

In this article, we will show you how customize the font size of the title/subtitle of your Button Design Element by applying simple custom CSS.

without applying custom cssAfter applying custom css

If you would like to apply this solution, please follow the steps in this support article.


Before we begin

ShortPoint CSS customizations are available since the ShortPoint version or higher. We recommend you to always have the latest version installed. Visit our Download ShortPoint page and get the latest version of ShortPoint.

Step 1. Open the Settings of the Row

Edit the page. Then, open the settings of the Row where your Button Design Element is currently added.

Click the cog wheel icon to open the settings of the Row:

  • Live Mode:
    Enter Row Settings 
  • Grid Mode:

    Grid mode row settings

  • Legacy Page Builder:
     Legacy Page Builder

The Design tab will open.

Step 2. Copy the Custom CSS Code

Here is the custom CSS code you will need to use for changing the font size of the title/subtitle in the Button Design Element:

  • For the title of the button:
.shortpoint-btn {
     font-size: 20px !important;

  • For the subtitle of the button:
.shortpoint-small {
   font-size: 20px !important;

Note: You may update the font-size values according to your preferences.

Please copy the code to the clipboard.

Step 3. Update the Button Design Element with the Code

Switch to the Custom CSS tab:

Switch to Custom CSS tab

Paste the copied code from the Step 2 to the Custom CSS field:

paste the code in the custom css section

You may check how it will look like on your page by clicking the Preview button:  

Preview button

If you are satisfied with the result, click Update and save the page: 

Click the Update button


That's it. This is how it may look like on your page:

This is how it may look like on your page

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