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How to Add an Edit Item Button to ShortPoint Elements


You have a ShortPoint element on your page (e.g. a list). And you want to add a button next to each item, to be able to edit the item. Like this:


Prerequisite: this is a tutorial for Connected ShortPoint Elements.

The following tutorial will help you to map the items correctly to achieve the same. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Add an ID column

In the SharePoint list you are connecting to, please press Modify View on the top:


In the Modify View screen, please tick a box that says ID. Press OK.


You will see an ID column has been added to the list with numbers for each item:


Step 2: Copy the Edit Item Address

Please click on the edit icon of the first item:


In the Edit Item form that opened, from the address line, please copy everything from the beginning, finishing with ID=, like shown below:


Paste this line anywhere into a text editor of your choice to save for later.

Step 3: Reconnect the ShortPoint Element

Go back the page you are building and reconnect the Simple List, since you have added new information to the source list. You can press Disconnect and then Connect:


Step 4: Map the Items

Switch to the Items tab. 

Link the Title field with the Title column (or any other you prefer). 

In the Description field, use the following query:

<a href="insert the address line obtained in step 4#ID">Edit this item</a>

Please replace the text highlighted with red for the one you obtained in step 4 and saved for later in step 5 of this tutorial.

You can also create another name for the edit button by changing the text highlighted in green.

Here is how it looks in my example (just for your reference):

<a href="">Edit this item</a>

Note: the Subtitle field of the Simple List won't work here because it does not support rich text content, so please use the Description. For a complete reference you can check this article: ShortPoint Elements that Support Rich Text Content.

Press Update.

That's it! Here is how the result looks like in view mode:


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