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How to Insert "Add to my calendar" Link to ShortPoint Events Design Element

By default, when you click on a connected Events Design Element, you will be redirected to the Classic view of the selected event. As you may notice, the Classic View of the Event page does not have the option to add the event to your calendar.

classic view

This article will demonstrate how to redirect the selected event to the Modern page view with the Add to my calendar option.

Modern view



connected Events Design Element

Step-by-step Tutorial

The steps have been divided into two parts. Follow both parts to start:

Part 1: Get the event item page URL

Part 1 involves creating a new page to retrieve the event item URL that will be used for Part 2 of this tutorial.

Step 1: Create a Blank Page

Go to the SharePoint page you want to use and click New:


Select Page:


 Choose [1] Blank. Then, click [2] Create page:

Blank, Create Page

NOTEAfter retrieving the event item page URL, you can delete this page.

Step 2: Insert the Events Web Part

Click the gray plus icon:

gray plus icon

Use the search bar to look for Events and click it:


Click Publish:


Step 3: Copy the URL of an event

Click on any event:

click on any event

NOTEIf you do not have any events, simply click + Add event to add one:

+Add Event

Copy the URL of the selected event. Make sure to take note of this as you will need it on Part 2.

event URL

Part 2: Update the Connected ShortPoint Events Design Element

Part 2 involves pasting the copied URL into the connected ShortPoint Events Design Element. Make sure you already have a connected ShortPoint Events Design Element on your page before proceeding.

connected Events Design Element

NOTECheck put ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial to learn more about the Connect feature.

Step 1: Edit the ShortPoint Web Part

Go to the SharePoint page you want to use and click Edit:


Click the ShortPoint tag:

ShortPoint tag

Select the pencil icon:

pencil icon

Step 2: Switch to Grid Mode

NOTEShortPoint Connect currently can only be accessed using Grid Mode.

Click Switch to Grid Mode icon:

Switch to Grid Mode

Step 3: Edit the ShortPoint Events Design Element

Scroll until you see the connected ShortPoint Events Design Element and click the cogwheel icon:

Cogwheel icon

Step 4: Paste the copied URL

In the Items tab, scroll down until you see Link and delete its content:

Delete default content

Paste the URL you got from Part 1 in the Link field:

paste URL

Then, replace the value after ItemId= with #ID.


Under Linking Options, select new-window:

New Window

Then, click Update:


Step 5: Save

Click the eye icon to see your page in real-time:

eye icon

Click Save to apply your changes:


That’s it! When you click on an event, you will now be redirected to the modern view of the events page with the Add to my calendar option.

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