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How to Insert "Add to my calendar" Link to ShortPoint Events Design Element

In this solution article we will show you how to inject the "Add to my calendar" link to the ShortPoint Events Design Element. This way you can easily add your SharePoint events to your Outlook calendar:


This article is for you if

  • You use Modern SharePoint experience (available on SharePoint 2019 and Office 365 environments).
  • You have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint site(s).
  • You are a ShortPoint user with an active license.
  • You use Events Design Element, dynamically connected to the SharePoint calendar.

Step 1: Get the event item page URL

Insert the OOTB SharePoint Events webpart to your page (you may delete it afterwards):

Open any event by clicking it. Make sure that the opened page has the "Add to my calendar" button:

Copy the page URL:

Step 2: Modify the obtained link

The obtained URL will be similar to this:

Here, mycompany stands for your organization domain name, and 9 - for the event item ID value (it might be different for you).

Please replace the item ID value (which is 9 in our example) to #ID, as shown below:

Copy the URL.

Step 3: Update ShortPoint Events with the link

Open the settings of the ShortPoint Events Design Element by clicking the cogwheel icon:

Switch to the Items tab:

Paste the modified URL to the Link option. 

Choose new-window as a Linking option:

Update Events and save the page.


That's it.

Now, when you click to open your Events item, it will redirect you to the page with the "Add to my calendar" link, so you can save this event to your Outlook calendar:

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