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ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode Feature: Action Toolbar

ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode has a revamped user interface, focusing on the accessibility of key functionalities at any point of your SharePoint intranet design journey. In this article, we will get you familiar with the new Action Toolbar

NoteShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode was formerly known as Visual Builder and Grid Mode was formerly known as Wireframe Builder.



  • You have upgraded to the ShortPoint SPFx version 8.0.x.xx or later on Office 365 (SharePoint Online) or SharePoint 2019 environment;
  • You are a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.

What is the Action Toolbar?

It is a semi-transparent bar in front of the ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode and Grid Mode interface when editing a ShortPoint web part. It contains ready-to-access icons that open or trigger different types of features you would use regularly. It is always present while you are in edit mode and can be collapsed into one button for you to have a better view of your page.

where the floating page settings bar is

What options does the Action Toolbar hold?

The following actions are available from the Action Toolbar:

Collapse or expand the Action Toolbar

You will find in the middle of the Action Toolbar an X button that collapses it into a single button in the middle of the page. This gives you the ability to choose to see a full view of your intranet page without many distractions whenever you want to. Simply press the equals sign button to expand the Action Toolbar back to where you can see the different icons.

collapse button

See it in action in the example below:

how the collapse button works

Switch between Live Mode and Grid Mode

When you enter edit mode, the default interface will be the Grid Mode. Hitting the switch-to icon brings you to the Live Mode interface. Toggle back and forth between the two ShortPoint interfaces at your own convenience.

  • In ShortPoint Page Builder Grid Mode:

switch to visual builder button

  • In ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode:

switch to wireframe builder button

See it in action in the example below:

how to switch from visual to wireframe builder and vise versa

Access Demos Library

Open our Demos Library directly from the Action Toolbar to copy page, section, and Design Element templates. This will open a new window directing you to the main page where you can find several designs you can easily copy and paste into your SharePoint page.

demos library button

Open History window

Click the clock icon to launch the History window, where you can view and revert your design edits and actions. For more details about the ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode History feature, access our support article about it.

history window button

Copy or paste ShortPoint web part

It is now easy to copy and paste a full ShortPoint web part from an existing SharePoint page or from the ShortPoint Demos site. The Action Toolbar has a copy/paste icon which you can press to copy the current web part you are in, saving this information into your clipboard. Press the same icon to paste a copied web part from your clipboard. For more details about the Live Mode Copy and Paste feature, access our support article about it.

copy web part button

Connect to ShortPoint Knowledge Base or Support

When you need information or support to achieve what you are looking for in designing your page, click the question mark icon to provide you ready links to our Knowledge Base and Support portal.

help button

Delete ShortPoint web part content

If you want to remove existing content on a ShortPoint web part, simply press the trash icon from the Action Toolbar. This will not affect other ShortPoint web parts on the page, just the one that you are currently on and editing.

delete button

Preview ShortPoint web part

See how your design looks like and behaves instantly through the preview icon. When you are in the Grid Mode, you will be brought to the output view of the ShortPoint web part. When in Live Mode, you will view the ShortPoint web part without the Easy Pass controls.

preview button

Discard recent changes made to ShortPoint web part

If you do not want to keep the modifications you made when you went into edit mode for a specific ShortPoint web part, just hit the Discard button and recent changes will be removed. This will not affect any changes you made for other ShortPoint web parts on the page.

discard button

Save changes made to ShortPoint web part

Ensure that your design edits are saved for a ShortPoint web part by clicking the Save button.

save button

That is all for the new ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode Action Toolbar. We hope you enjoy building your SharePoint intranet pages with it.

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