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How to Improve Uploaded Banner Image Resolution When Using ShortPoint Site News Connection

You may have noticed that some ShortPoint Design Elements do not display the Banner Image in good resolution. In this article, we are going to show you how to display it in a better resolution when you are currently using ShortPoint Site News connection by adding some parameters.





Important: This article is only applicable when you have uploaded images as your banner for your SharePoint news.

Please visit this article to know more about Connection Type: Site News.


Before we begin

  • Make sure you have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint sites(s). We recommend you to always have the latest version installed. Visit our Download ShortPoint page and get the latest version of ShortPoint.
  • Make you are a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.
  • You are currently on SharePoint 2019On-Premise or SharePoint Online environment.


Step-by- Step Tutorial

In most cases, Slideshows Design Element is used to display news across your sites. Here are the guidelines how you can improve the image resolution when using this Design Element.

Step 1. Open the settings of the Slideshows Design Element

We will be showing you how to open the settings of a ShortPoint Design Element, depending on the Page Builder interface you are currently using.

  • In Legacy Page Builder:

    Legacy Page Builder settings

  • In Live Mode, activate the EasyPass mode, and click the cog wheel icon to go to settings:

    Live Mode

  • In Grid Mode:

    Grid Mode

The Design tab will open.

Step 2. Update the items mapping

Since this article assumes that you are already connected to the Site News, you can go directly to the Items tab to update your mappings:

Switch to the items tab

Note: Connection settings will soon be available in Live Mode.

Step 3. Add parameter to increase the resolution

Banner image size is based on its width, and its height will be automatically changed as well. To change the size of the image, we need to use an additional parameter. In this case, we are going to use resolution.

We can use resolution parameter from 0 to 6, where 0 is the default size is the original size.

Example: &resolution=3

Now, we need to add this parameter to the Image mapping in the Items tab:

Add the parameter for the Image mapping

Once you are done adding the parameter, you can click the Preview button to view the result:

Click the preview button

Click the Update button to save the changes.


That's it! Now you are able to increase the Banner Image resolution connected to ShortPoint element.

Results after adding the parameter

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