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ShortPoint SPFx Sandbox Mode Feature

If you already switched to ShortPoint New Upgrade, then you now have access to our Sandbox Mode feature. In this article, we will tell you it what it is in detail and what the benefits are of using this feature.  

NOTE: Find out more about the New Upgrade by visiting ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019.


Before we begin 

  • Make sure that you are on Office 365 (SharePoint Online) or SharePoint 2019 On-Premise environment.
  • Make sure that you have ShortPoint SPFx app installed on your SharePoint site/s.
  • It is important that you already downloaded and installed the ShortPoint New Upgrade (7.1.5.xx+) package. If not, you may go through this Tutorial: How to Upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx 7.1.5.xx Version (New Upgrade) we have prepared for you.

What is Sandbox Upgrade Mode?

The Sandbox Upgrade Mode is one of the features of ShortPoint New Upgrade. With this type, you will be able to control the upgrade process, as the Auto Upgrade will be disabled. Once there is a new available version, you can use the Sandbox Mode to check the changes and improvements with the newly released ShortPoint version before deciding to upgrade or stay on the current version.

Enable Sandbox Mode

Once you upgraded your sites to the New Upgrade version for the first time, Auto Upgrade option will be enabled by default:

Auto Upgrade option will be enabled by default

To switch to the Sandbox Mode, you need to turn the Auto Upgrade toggle off:

Turn the Auto upgrade toggle to OFF

Once there is a new available ShortPoint version, you may click Sandbox Mode button to check the latest changes:

Click the Sandbox button to check the latest changes

Switch versions on Sandbox Mode

At the top of the page, you will see the options to switch between versions: the latest and the one you have. By switching between them, you will be able to compare the changes and improvements between the two versions.

Switch between the versions to see changes

You may navigate between different pages of your sites to check the improvements. You will also be able to edit the page and try new features and connections.

You may also edit the page to check  new features and connection

NOTE: It is important to know that you cannot save the changes you made in the Sandbox Mode.  

What are the limitations on Sandbox Mode?

Since the purpose of Sandbox Mode is for you to check what your page looks like on the new version, it also has limitations on what you can do when you switch to this mode. Listed below are the details about its limitations. 


  • Insert/Update is disabled

You will not able to click Insert/Update button for new or existing Design Elements. However, you may still preview them using the Preview button in Page Builder: 

Inser and Update is disabled during sandbox mode

  • Publishing Theme Builder customizations is not allowed

In Sandbox mode, you will not be able to publish your Theme Builder customizations. Once the Theme Builder is opened, you will be seeing this yellow banner:

Publishing customizations in Theme Builder is not allowed

  • Generator and Connections pages will not work

The Sandbox Mode will not work for Generator and Connections pages. However, you will be able to see the changes for the existing generated or connected Design Elements on the site pages.

How to upgrade the ShortPoint version via Sandbox Mode?

Once you tested the new version, you can upgrade to it by clicking the Upgrade Now button in the top right corner:

To switch to the new version, click Upgrade Now button

If you decide to stay on the current version, you may discard the Sandbox Mode.

Discard the Sandbox Mode if you decide to stay

NOTE: You may also preview any ShortPoint version using the ?sp-preview=<version> query string at the end of your URL. If you want to know how it works, please check Preview Any ShortPoint SPFx Version on a Page Using a URL Parameter.

How to Roll Back Version on SandBox Mode?

The rollback option is only available for Sandbox Upgrade Mode. It cannot be used if Auto Upgrade is enabled. You can use this option to roll back to the previous version you had on your tenant: 

Click Rollback to previously installed version

Once you proceeded with the rollback, this option will become unavailable, since multiple rollbacks are not possible.

NOTE: There is no rollback option for the first New Upgrade package.

Is Beta version available on Sandbox Mode? 

Once there is a new Beta version available, you will be able to preview it in Sandbox Mode (Beta). It works the same way as for the public version:

Click Sandbox Mode Beta to switch to the new beta version

If you liked the Beta version and want to have it for your sites, click Upgrade to Beta button from the Upgrade page:

Click Upgrade to Beta

In case you see that there is a new public version is available, you can simply click Upgrade to the latest button or enable Auto Upgrade. It will upgrade you from a Beta version to the latest public version.

There might be cases that there are both new public and new Beta versions available. You may check both of the versions using the Sandbox Mode and upgrade to the one you liked more.


Scenario 1: If you decide to roll back from the Beta version, you will get the previous public version you had before the Beta.

Scenario 2: If you had the Beta version before the public version, by clicking the rollback from the public version, you will get the Beta version again.

In both scenarios, you won't be able to roll back twice.


If you want to know more about this New Upgrade approach, check out these articles that we have collated for you in this Frequently Asked Questions  folder. 

INFO: If you want to get more information regarding the New Upgrade Auto Upgrade feature, you may visit ShortPoint SPFx Auto Upgrade Feature.

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