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Microsoft Graph API Connection - Supported Resources

ShortPoint aims to provide a smooth and fast integration to data sources from your Microsoft Office 365 services. You can then display these with a focus on usability, productivity, and creativity on your SharePoint page. In order to make this happen, ShortPoint requires integration with Microsoft Graph


Microsoft Graph is an application programming interface (API) that connects to your Azure AD for authentication services and allows access to your Microsoft Office 365 tenancy and its contents at any given time. More information can be found in this Microsoft article.

When pulling data from sources such as your Outlook, Power BI, or Teams applications, ShortPoint requires an authentication token signifying that the application has appropriate permissions to your tenancy. We will be able to get these through Microsoft Graph integration.

The following permissions are needed to ensure that the Graph API Connection type will work:

  • Mail.Read

  • Sites.Read.All

  • Files.Read.All

  • Directory.Read.All

  • Directory.AccessAsUser.All

  • Notes.Read.All

  • People.Read.All

  • OrgContact.Read.All

  • SecurityEvents.Read.All

  • Group.Read.All

As we build new functionalities in ShortPoint, new permissions will also be required and updated.

Integration Options

Depending on where you are connecting and what you intend to do, view the steps to complete Microsoft Graph integration through the following articles:

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