Setting an Office 365 Stream Video URL to open as Lightbox or Dialog produces an error " refused to connect" or a broken page icon.


The Office 365 Stream video URL you used does not fulfill the required parameters for the ShortPoint lightbox or dialog linking option.


You will need to retrieve the appropriate source URL from the Share feature in Office 365 Stream.

Just go to the video you want to use in Stream and click the Share icon. This will open a new window where you can navigate to the Embed tab. Copy the source URL from the embed code as seen below:

This will be the URL you enter in the Link field in your ShortPoint design element.

Hit Update, Publish the page, and your Office 365 Stream video should now load when in a lightbox or dialog box.

Note: Autoplay on page load currently does not work for Office 365 Stream videos. We are continuously developing ways to update this within ShortPoint.

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