When you click a header menu link or a side panel/quick launch link nothing happens. It does not load the page or site you want to be brought to.

This is known to happen only in Modern sites and a page refresh sometimes fixes the issue.


ShortPoint Theme Builder code occasionally conflicts with the ShortPoint SPFx framework.


You will need to update ShortPoint through the App Catalog Upgrade (not through One-click Upgrade).

First, download the latest ShortPoint SPFx version

We have made a hotfix for this issue in ShortPoint SPFx Version 

It has been included to the next release packages. Please download the latest ShortPoint SPFx from ShortPoint - Download SPFx link. 

Perform A Full App Catalog Upgrade of ShortPoint

Do the steps shown in these support articles to perform a full app catalog upgrade with the latest version.

Step 1: Upload new ShortPoint SPFx to Site Collection App Catalog (Office 365)

Step 2: Update ShortPoint SPFx on SharePoint Site (Office 365)

Step 3: Run ReInstallation and Upgrade from ShortPoint SPFx Dashboard (Office 365)

Once you have upgraded to the latest ShortPoint SPFx version you will no longer encounter the issue.