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Introducing Dynamic Connection Improvements for ShortPoint Events

Starting from version 6.9 enjoy more flexibility and control over ShortPoint Events.

Set up the connection in the ShortPoint Element and work less with SharePoint lists.

Now, creating new views for the SharePoint calendar is no longer mandatory.

Before we begin

  • This article is for ShortPoint SPFx users (both Office 365 and SharePoint 2019).
  • You need to have ShortPoint SPFx version or later.
  • The mentioned changes are not yet available in ShortPoint Farm Solution for SharePoint 2013/2016, but will be included with one of the nearest releases.

Items Limit, Days Limit and Recurrence

Items Limit (2) is back and will coexist with Days Limit (1) to give you more flexibility. 

For Recurring Events (3), you can now either expand  them to show all occurrences, or display only the nearest upcoming occurrence:

Days Limit feature from now on allows you to select between Day, Month and Year options:

add weeks

Timezone Preferences

Enjoy more control over the timezone settings. With this feature, you will make sure your Intranet displays all time in the preferred time zone, overriding the settings of individual websites where these lists are located:

Multilingual Recurrence Pattern

Also, you can display the recurrence pattern in different languages:

Recurrence Tooltips

Also, we have added tooltips to help users figure out recurring events even better:

Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed with

  • Deleted Recurring Events are shown in Events element
  • The Recurring and All Day fields are not being mapped automatically
  • Events spanning multiple days are showing wrong Start and End times when ‘Group By Day’ is enabled
  • Recurring Events are now displaying the time and date on only one selected occurrence (before, the whole period of recurrence was indicated):

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