For ShortPoint licensing to work on SharePoint 2019, your SharePoint 2019 web application should be accessible using a public domain (ex. Public domain is only required during installation and license activation or license update and you can disable it as soon as your license is activated. 

We have two options to configure a public domain for tour SharePoint 2019 environment:  

Option 1: Via DNS and Alternate Access Mapping

Step 1. Configure a public IP pointing to your server 

You need to have a public IP pointing to your SharePoint server. You can do it by assigning it to your server directly OR via your firewall policies. 

Step 2. Change your DNS setting and map your domain with IP

You need to update your DNS entry and point your server IP to the subdomain/domain you are looking for. For example, if you would want to have your hostname as, you can go to your DNS settings and create an A record something like below:

Above will ensure whenever you type, it gets redirected to your server.

Now your DNS is pointing to your Server however for SharePoint to act upon given hostname, you need to configure AAM (Alternet access mappings) for your web application.

Step 3. Go to Central Administration

Open the SharePoint 2019 Central Administration

From your SharePoint Server 2019 farm, open SharePoint 2019 Central Administration

Step 4. Go to System Settings > Configure Alternate Access Mappings

Step 5. Click Edit Public URLs

Step 6. Switch back to your web application in Edit Public URLs screen

Step 7. Provide your domain URL in Internet zone and click Save

You should now have your domain pointing to your web application. You can now use this hostname for ShortPoint licensing. 

Option 2: Workaround - with no DNS changes 

Since the public domain is only required for license activations, you can follow this workaround in case your company policy does not allow hosting ShortPoint on public URL and DNS changes.


Q: Why do I need to host my SharePoint on the public domain?

A: ShortPoint for 2019 is the same application as ShortPoint for Office 365 / SharePoint Online and licensing model is working using a unique hostname. And intranet URLs can be the same across our customers which is why we do not allow Intranet URLs.

Q:  Do all users need to use public URL always?

A: No, it's only required during installation or license changes for Admin users. Once you have a license activated, you can turn off the public access.

Q: Will all the public users (outsiders) get access to my data if I configure public DNS?

A: No, still SharePoint allows access to authenticated users even if it is on public domain and you do not need to keep it under public domain always.