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What Is ShortPoint SPFx One-click Upgrade for SharePoint 2019?

Please note: this article is old and dedicated to ShortPoint versions that are currently outdated. Starting with ShortPoint SPFx 7.1.5.xx version (New Upgrade) and later, One-Click Upgrade is no longer supported. To know more about New Upgrade, please check these articles:

This article will explain what ShortPoint One-Click Upgrade is in greater detail, as well as address the most frequently asked questions. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to do the One-Click Upgradeplease check this article: ShortPoint SPFx One-Click Upgrade (SharePoint 2019) Tutorial.


When can One-Click Upgrade be launched? How do I know it is available?

One-Click Upgrade can be launched only when you see the messages about new ShortPoint version available in the ShortPoint Dashboard or Page Builder.

Here is how it looks in the ShortPoint Dashboard:

In Page Builder while editing the page:

And in Theme Builder while customizing the site: 

What are my actions? Do I need to download/install anything?

ShortPoint One-Click Upgrade does not require downloading anything from ShortPoint website or uploading anything to App Catalog. It will update ShortPoint directly in the site. 

The One-Click Upgrade is being done from the ShortPoint Dashboard and involves only one action (as the name of the upgrade suggests).

Is it safe? Who can launch the One-Click Upgrade?

The message suggesting a user to perform a One-Click Upgrade will appear in the ShortPoint Dashboard as well as while working with the ShortPoint Page Builder and ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Nevertheless, you will be able to launch the One-Click Upgrade only if you are the Site Collection Admin.

Therefore, from the safety point of view, launching One-Click Upgrade is protected from unauthorized access.

Where are the upgrade files hosted?

The One-Click Upgrade files are stored in the content-delivery network (CDN) and as the upgrade is launched, the ShortPoint SPFx app is updated from the CDN. 

ShortPoint does not store any One-Click Upgrade files in the customer's environment.

What impact on future upgrades does One-Click have?

ShortPoint One-Click Upgrade is a safe practice which will not have any influence over your future app catalog (full-fledged) upgrades. 

Note: after this upgrade, the app version number will change only in the ShortPoint Dashboard, but will remain the same in the App Catalog. 

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