This article will explain what is ShortPoint One-Click Upgrade in greater detail, as well as address the most frequently asked questions. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to do the One-Click Upgrade, please check this article: ShortPoint SPFx One-Click Upgrade (Office 365) Tutorial.

ShortPoint One-Click Upgrade can only be launched when the message about a new One-Click Upgrade becomes available in the Dashboard, as well as in Page Builder, while editing the page. Here is an example:

ShortPoint One-Click Upgrade does not require downloading anything from ShortPoint website or uploading anything to App Catalog. It will update ShortPoint directly in the site. The One-Click Upgrade is done from the ShortPoint Dashboard and involves only one action (as the name of the upgrade suggests).

Safety. The message suggesting a user to perform a one-click upgrade will appear in the dashboard as well as while working with the Page Builder (you can see how it looks in the animations below). Nevertheless, you will be able to launch the one-click upgrade only if you are the Site Collection Admin.

Therefore, from the safety point of view, launching one-click upgrade is protected from unauthorized access.

Upgrade files hosting. The one-click upgrade files are stored in the content-delivery network (CDN) and as the upgrade is launched, the app is updated from the CDN. ShortPoint does not store any one-click upgrade files in the customer's environment.

Impact on future upgrades. ShortPoint one-click upgrade is a safe practice which will not have any influence over your future app catalog (full-fledged) upgrades. 

Note: after this upgrade, the app version number will change only in the Dashboard, but will remain the same in the App Catalog.