ShortPoint Generator is one of the tools found in ShortPoint Dashboard, which allows you to create your own custom elements without coding, so they will appear in Page Builder along with other elements.

Here are the simple steps how to create your custom ShortPoint element using ShortPoint Generator:

Step 1: Open ShortPoint Generator

Go to the ShortPoint Dashboard and open the ShortPoint Generator.


Step 2: Create Custom ShortPoint Element

  • Insert the name for your element and set the Type to Element:

  • You can build your custom element yourself from scratch. Use the blue Insert button to open the Page Builder.
    In this example we have used Image-List inside the Panel element.
    Alternatively, you can copy an element or a few elements from ShortPoint Demo Page and make your edits.

  •  Save your element.

  • Created element will be stored in ShortPoint Generator after saving

Step 3 : Add New Element to Your Page

After you open Page Builder you will see the new custom ShortPoint in the end of the elements list. 

It will be added to your page.
Note: You will be not able to customize the element in Page Builder, only in ShortPoint Generator.

Step 4: Save Results

Save the page and check your awesome results.

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