If you're using a Modern Team Site or a Modern Communication site, and full-screen sections have suddenly stopped working. This is currently affecting all public ShortPoint versions.

The problem might manifest itself in a few different ways. Common issues include:

  • the section layout changes from full-width to standard and the section does not cover full screen width anymore;
  • the background of the section stops working;
  • we will be adding other common issues here as we will be getting more user data.


Microsoft has recently released some silent updates to its HTML page structure. Silent updates are updates that are not publicly planned nor documented, so ShortPoint has to react in real time to these changes.


You can add some JavaScript code in the ShortPoint Theme Builder to solve the issue. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Theme Builder

Launch the modern ShortPoint Theme Builder by navigating to ShortPoint Dashboard > Theme Builder > Modern. Wait until the Theme Builder panel opens up like below:

Step 2. Navigate to the Custom JS section

Navigate to the Utilities category, then click on Custom JavaScript:

Step 3. Add the fix code

Add the following code in the text box:

shortpoint.core.platform.getBodyWrapper=function() {
if (shortpoint.core.platform.isSharePoint()) {
if (!shortpoint.util.isCurrentPageModern()) {
var bodyContainer = shortpoint.$('#s4-bodyContainer');                 if (!bodyContainer.children('#s4-titlerow').length) {

return bodyContainer.parent();
} return bodyContainer;
var $scrollWrapper = shortpoint.$(shortpoint.core.platform.getScrollWrapper());
var $bodyWrapper = $scrollWrapper.find('[class*=canvasWrapper]');      return $bodyWrapper;
} else {
shortpoint.warn('getBodyWrapper method was not tested on this platform');
return shortpoint.$('body');

Press Apply and finally Publish.

That's it, full-screen sections should start to work again as expected.

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