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Connection Type: Web Service (XML)


Since ShortPoint version 6.6 the product contains an update for the Connect Feature, which is an additional connection method: Web Service (XML).

Feature Overview


  • You have ShortPoint version 6.6.x.x or later installed in your environment.


Web Service (XML) connection type allows you to connect to web service which responds XML format data.

Note: Sending WSDL / SOAP messages are not supported.



To connect to secured web services you can use one of the following Authentication types:

  • Basic (Username/password) - where you can define username and password
  • API Key - where you can define API key/value and add it to query string or HTTP header
  • Advanced - where you can define JavaScript code to retrieve the authorization information. Result of evaluating the function will be added to Authorization header

When clicking Connect button, authentication information will be encrypted for security reason.

Advanced Settings

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