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Known Issue: Customization Persists after Navigating to a Different Site


When you navigate between sites within your site collection or tenancy, you find that customization from a previous site gets applied to the next site you navigated to and this should not be the case.


When you make changes in ShortPoint Theme Builder and publish those changes, ShortPoint creates a CSS file within your site. This CSS file is loaded every time you visit a page on your site and it is unique to every site. Recently, SharePoint Online has had some updates that prevents a full page reload whenever you navigate between pages or sites. For this reason, when you navigate to another site by clicking on a link within your page, the CSS file that has your customization for the previous site remains on the page because there was no page reload that would have made the browser discard the resources for the previous site and fetch new resources for the next site.


Presently, we have implemented a temporary workaround by adding some custom Javascript to ShortPoint Theme Builder. Basically, this workaround ensures that there is a reload whenever you try to navigate between pages or your sites. Please follow the steps below to apply the workaround:

  1. Open ShortPoint Theme Builder
  2. Navigate to the Utilities > Custom Javascript section
  3. Copy the Javascript code below
    /* Persistent customization fix */
    (function() {
      function turnInterceptionOff() {
        shortpoint.$('a').attr('data-interception', 'off');
        setTimeout(turnInterceptionOff, 1000);
    /* Persistent customization fix */

  4. Paste the copied code in the Custom Javascript text-area
  5. Click Publish

You can try navigating between your sites now and the customization from a previous site shouldn't persist anymore.

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