The issue described in this article has been fixed in ShortPoint SPFx 7.x version. 

If you still have the issue, please, download the latest ShortPoint version and upgrade to it:

This article is now deprecated.  The solution described here is no longer valid.


You want to make Full Width Team Site page. When you hide the Side Panel in ShortPoint Theme Builder in the Team Site, the content of the page shifts to the left.


To fix this issue, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Disable the Force Full Screen width

Please go to the setting of all sections you have and disable the Force Full Screen width

STEP 2: Add the Custom CSS code

Please go to the ShortPoint Dashboard -> Theme Builder -> Utilities -> Custom CSS and insert this code:

.CanvasZone {max-width: none!important;}

Click Apply button and Publish the changes.
It will force the elements to display the page content in Full Width.

Note: You are also able to use the Custom CSS code to force the page to display Full Width Content with Side Panel. In this case you just need to set Theme Builder to display Side Panel and insert the Custom CSS code from this article.

Now your page is displayed correctly.

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