If you are looking for some SharePoint site examples, we have created our ShortPoint Demo Librarywhere you can find your inspiration. It is not necessary to use the same design, as it possible to customize and modify them, so you can create your own unique site.
In this article we will show you one example how to achieve this.

STEP 1. Go to the ShortPoint Demos Library

Navigate to the ShortPoint Demos Library website and select the one of our page examples.

STEP 2. Choose a page element you would like to copy

Enable the "Allow to copy parts" feature on the top of your page:

Copy the page element you want:

STEP 3. Paste to your page

Paste the code into your page

It will look like this:


STEP 4. Customize the element

Let's remove one of the elements on the page and paste another one. To remove the design element from the page, please press on the cross sign:

Now we can add a new element, click on the Insert ShortPoint button:

Select the element you want to add:

That's it. Enjoy our ShortPoint Copy and Paste magic.

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