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YouTube Video Element Thumbnail Is Not Shown

If you are facing the issues with the YouTube video element not displaying thumbnail and has black screen instead, this article is for you.


YouTube video element is displaying black screen with the play button, instead of a thumbnail. Thus happens in SharePoint Online (ShortPoint version : and SharePoint 2013/2016 (ShortPoint versions: It is common for all web browsers.


This issue with the YouTube element will be fixed in the future ShortPoint releases.  

For you to avoid this issue, we have prepared a temporary workaround for you. Please follow the below steps.

Note: This workaround will allow you to display the YouTube thumbnail, but it will open your video on the same page (unlike in ShortPoint YouTube Element, where you can customize linking options).

For Classic Pages:

STEP 1. Get the Code of the YouTube video

Open your YouTube video and select the Share button under the video, from the options select Embed:

STEP 2.  Add the Embed Code SharePoint WebPart
Create a Section and click on the Embed Code button in the Ribbon:

STEP 3. Paste the Code

Pasted the code you have copied inside the box and click on Insert button:

STEP 4. Save the changes.

Just publish the changes you have done.

For Modern Pages:

STEP 1. Add the YouTube SharePoint WebPart.

Create a section and add the YouTube WebPart:

STEP 2. Add the link to your video

In the box insert the YouTube link and republish your changes.

Following these workarounds steps YouTube video will be displayed on your website with the thumbnail.

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