If you are facing issues getting the ShortPoint Twitter element to load in Internet Explorer, then this article is for you.


ShortPoint Twitter element does not seem to load in Internet Explorer. This issue is more common on Sharepoint 2013/2016.


The Twitter API, which ShortPoint uses, has stopped officially supporting Internet Explorer (more information can be found accessing this link). The Twitter element should still display in the browser's latest version, Internet Explorer 11.

However, in some cases, Sharepoint might force Internet Explorer 11 to use Internet Explorer 9 Document Mode, meaning the browser will behave like Internet Explorer 9, even if the site is accessed using Internet Explorer 11. The ShortPoint Twitter Element in this case will not load.


Fortunately, we can work around this problem. This solution involves updating an HTML meta tag in the Sharepoint Master Page, which is the reason why Internet Explorer initiates this unexpected behavior.

Please use the information described in the following support article to change the HTML meta tag in the Master Page to get Internet Explorer 11 to use the original Document Mode instead of switching to Compatibility Mode. This will let the ShortPoint Twitter element load properly.

And that's it, the desired Twitter feed should show up in Internet Explorer now!