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SharePoint List "Multiple Lines of Text" Editor Not Working Properly in Classic Pages

Fixing Sharepoint lightbox in multiple lines with rich text enhanced columns when ShortPoint installed.


1.  When creating or modifying a SharePoint list, create a multiline text column and turn on “Use enhanced rich text.

2.  Try to edit the multiline text for one list item and click Embed code,
The expected behavior is that a lightbox should appear.

3.  If nothing happened or the lightbox displayed in a malformed appearance you can fix it with the following workaround.


1.  Copy the following: spdisable=1

2. In the address bar delete everything after “.aspx?” from the URL and then paste spdisable=1 right after the question mark

3.  Hit enter to reload the page.

4.  Now the lightbox should behave as expected.

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