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Introducing ShortPoint Yammer Design Element

The Yammer ShortPoint Design Element is here as part of the new Social Media Design Elements category in the ShortPoint Page Builder. Using this Design Element, you can embed a Yammer feed into your SharePoint pages.

Here is a sample of what the Yammer Design Element looks like:

Yammer Design Element example

And here is a quick preview how it will look like when added to your SharePoint page: 

Sample design for Yammer Design Element

Note: Take a look at the demo page we have set up for Yammer Design Element and see it in action by following our demo page.

You can find it by either clicking the Social category at the top: 

Option 1: How to search for Yammer Design Element

or by typing Yammer in the search bar:

Option 2: How to search for Yammer

Selecting the Yammer Design Elements will open its Settings tab allowing you to customize various options.


Customization Options

In Settings tab of the Yammer Design Element, you may see options that would let you customize how you want the Yammer feed to look like on your page.

Yammer Customization Options

  • The Network Link can be extracted by going to your company's Yammer feed and copying the first part of the URL that comes after It is required to be filled in.
  • The Yammer Group ID is optional and allows the embedding of a single Feed using the Yammer Design Element. It can also be extracted from the address bar URL by visiting the group that you want to embed.
  • The Dark Theme option allows you to choose a high contrast, dark background color scheme for the embedded feed.
  • The Custom Prompt input field allows you to change the default What are you working on? message and replace with a phrase of your choice.
  • Hide Network Name: Yammer Conversations will be displayed instead of the embedded feed Network Name.
  • Hide Header: The header will be completely hidden, even if you have disabled the Hide Network Name option.
  • Hide Footer: The bottom footer bar will not be displayed.

Note: Recently, we have discovered that Yammer released a newer version of their API, so you will find that features such as Hide Network Name, Hide Header and Hide Footer are no longer working with Yammer Design Element. It is because we are currently using Yammer Classic Embed Feed API to embed the feed into SharePoint pages. Rest assured that we will work on updating our Yammer Design Element soon!

As a workaround, we have created an article that will help you to add the Yammer feed using ShortPoint Code Design Element.

Classic Yammer

Here is a sample of how the classic Yammer looks like. See how it gives us the location of the Network Permalink and Feed ID in its URL:

Classic Yammer

New Yammer

Compared to classic, this new Yammer interface definitely gives us a modern look and feel. Its URL also gives us the new Encoded Group ID which is a base64 Group ID. 

New Yammer

Important: You will need to decode the base64 Group ID encoding to get the Group ID. You can use this base64 decoding page. Once you do it, you will get the ID number.


The following set of options control the size and responsiveness of this Social Media Design Element.

Controlling the Yammer Design Element's size

The Width and Height options are pretty self-explanatory. The embedded Design Element has some limitations imposed by Yammer, which are that the Width and Height have a minimum value of 400 pixels each. The default values for both Width and Height are set to 400 pixels the first time the Settings are opened. The Design Element is responsive by default.

Note: Yammer only allows one embedded Design Element to be included into one page and the Design Element is not officially supported by mobile browsers, so please take that into  consideration.


That's it! You should now see the Yammer Design Element added to your page: 

Sample design for Yammer Design Element

We hope this article has been helpful for introducing you to the new Yammer Design Element and showing you how easy it is to use. Happy embedding!

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